Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen. Aesthetic safety

Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen B.V. is your one-stop-shop for sports netting and fencing. Whether you need 1, 5 or 20-metre fencing, at Paaijmans the sky's the limit. We have the perfect solution for every garden, business park and sports pitch!


Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen specialises in ball catch netting for all sports and guarantees the perfect solution for your situation. With more than twenty years of experience, we can ensure the highest degree of expertise and the best price-quality ratio.


Ball catch netting and fencing are often seen as a necessary evil and a bit of an eyesore. At Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen, aesthetics is just as important as safety. Our fencing and netting must be as beautiful as they are safe.


View our reference page for an impression of what we have to offer.

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