Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen has been designing and installing ball catch netting and sports fencing for more than twenty years. As the only company in the Netherlands that installs ball catch netting as its core business, other companies often contact us with applications. This has led to collaborative partnerships with several major building companies, fencing companies, architecture firms and netting suppliers.

At Paaijmans Balsportafschermingen, you are guaranteed the very best in netting expertise. Safety and quality are our top priority. Powerful forces of nature, such as snow and wind, require us to take all factors into consideration. These include the geographic location, soil conditions, wind area, etc. Our engineers will therefore determine the best solution for your specific situation.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for questions or requests. We look forward to finding the ideal solution for your fencing, ball catch netting or sports enclosure needs.

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